Windows of Peace Windows of War

Brindisi, Palazzo Granafei-Nervegna
18 october to 20 November 2008


Locandina"Windows of peace / windows war" is the title chosen for a photographic exhibition of great interest, staged from 18 October 2008 in the city of Brindisi Palace Granafei-Nervegna. Authors of photographic collections Pier Paolo Cito, photojournalist agency 's "The Associated Press in New York and the French photographer Michel Collet. The exhibition aims to promote and highlight photo shoots in which 'man, if, although present in the' shot, is not the only main actor 's narrated moment, but they are objects or small details in describing the' universality of the world. The images, even before writing, have always been an important key to understanding, through which all civilization has been able to pass over time its history.
But today, the photographs may represent something more, which goes far beyond mere documentary evidence, as windows that open onto the world. L 'image is to quote that for Collet to life from a path that does not distance from reality but is an integral part.
Even with a different view, manage both with great skill and determination to make visible what is normally not seen.
The windows, in fact, become the 'common denominator photographs of Pier Paolo Cito those of Michel Collet.
The first illustrates the changes into the most troubled histories of our current, which is not only the destructive mania of man, but is also a need, nevertheless, continue to live.

The second makes use of silent images and suspended mentioned as symbols of a world beyond the same representation, to rediscover the inner world of each. The photograph, which I refer to both Collet, becomes art when it exceeds the limits set by his own material value to go beyond them and to tell stories that speak of emotions, feelings, everyday.

Domenico Menniti
Mayor of Brindisi